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Morning or Afternoon | Tips for Brides | Rudy & Marta

A lot of times, couples simply don’t know what they want.  That’s okay though.  We’re here to help.  In fact, I’d like to think that all wedding professionals should be willing to help couples realize what their desires are without forcing too much of their own personal views.  This is especially true when you talk about creatives.  We sometimes have a sense that we know best.  Do we shoot in the morning or afternoon?  Do I overexpose or underexpose?  Where should I go for the engagement session?  The garden or downtown?

This past weekend was crazy for us.  We had a bunch of sessions that were all over Orlando and a wedding on top of it all.  Sunday was a full day for us.  We finished the weekend with two engagement sessions and some meetings around town.  These two engagement sessions kind of opened my eyes photographically speaking.  There was one differentiating factor that changed throughout the day.  The location was the same.  The couples were both awesome.  One thing remained constant.  Simply: Light.  I know, it’s boring, but I find it intriguing.  It’s one of the few times over the past couple of shoots that I’ve looked at things in a sense that made me really, truly find myself challenged.  We always prefer to work in perfect conditions, but sometimes couples don’t know whether or not to do a morning or afternoon session.

Usually, a photographer will softly push the couple a certain direction.  They feel comfortable in certain light situations and scenarios.  The majority of their work is done in that light.  They know what they can or can’t do, and that’s okay.  As a couple that hires a photographer, you may try to schedule a session that best fits your needs.  Morning or afternoon, it doesn’t matter.  You’re going to do whatever works best for you, and I get that.  Just keep in mind that light and tones are completely different as the day progresses.

“Whether it was morning or afternoon, you could really notice how each time of day had its own character.”

Sunday was a prime example of that.  Both couples agreed to go to Leu Gardens to have their engagement sessions photographed over there.  It was amazing to see how everything felt different at different times of the day.  It was subtle, but the change was there.  Whether it was morning or afternoon, you could really notice how each time of day had its own character.  Different areas of the garden were fleshed out, while others were completely flat.  I found it so intriguing.

Regardless of the fact, both sessions were awesome.  The challenge was seeing the same place in the different light.  I was expecting different effects from the lighting situation, but all in all was surprised.  Check out the sneak peek below from Sunday.

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