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We have talked about the best of the best wedding details, best engagement photographs, and best wedding portrait photographs.  I think it’s about time that we just talk about plain old best of the best wedding photographs of 2016.  Everything else that we’ve talked about to this point was tough, but this is on a whole other level.  I’m not just talking about a specific point in the wedding day, but the best wedding photographs overall.  They’re these moments where the stars align and we just happen to be at the right time and at the right place to talk that photograph.

“I’m not just talking about a specific point in the wedding day, but the best wedding photographs overall.”

I’ve talked about it in the past that emotional wedding photography is all about comfort.  There are plenty of ways to photograph a wedding.  In order to get the best wedding photographs though, you have to have a certain way about how you present yourself and your work.  Interacting with people and letting them know that it’s okay to just keep on going about their day is important.  Capturing small moments in a wedding is important.  It leads to the natural, candid telling of a story.  It might sound cliche to some photographers reading this, but it’s the truth.

2016 helped us shape our wedding experience into what it is today.  We’ve been able to put in some good time and put up a list of our favorite wedding venues.

After all of this time working together, Marta and I have a somewhat unified idea of what a wedding day should be.  In the viewer’s mind, I want there to be a telling of a story.  Our wedding photographs should tell a story.  What we do attracts people.  The couple we work with might not understand 100% what it is that’s involved with being photographed on their day.  A bride and groom pick it up it fairly quickly once they’re in it.  Once they get the images though, that’s when they realize how it all works.

“The best wedding photographs that we’ve taken in all of 2016 are here.”

The best wedding photographs that we’ve taken in all of 2016 are here.  This batch of photographs is an accumulation of images that we think tell a story best.  They’re not there for the grandeur of a wedding.  Nor are they there for the sake of a bride and groom.  These photographs are there to tell a story.  Check them out below.

black and white wedding reception picture mother and father of the bride smoking a cigar for the first time

bride and groom having an intimate moment at the church garden

groom writing his vows for the bride

best wedding photographs

market light wedding portrait in b resort orlando

groom playing guitar while waiting to get ready for his wedding in royal crest room

bride hugging blanket made of late dads clothing

bride hugging blanket made of late dads clothing

father daughter dance emotional dad during dance at wedding reception in mission inn

night time wedding portrait at bramble tree estate

alfond inn winter park father and mother of the bride dancing to their song during a wedding

father of the bride playing with his grandson before ceremony cypress grove estate wedding

cutting the cake private venue

This last image is one that has absolutely nothing to do with weddings.  This is the reunion of a family that I photographed this summer.  The husband of a good friend of ours got back from his military service and we photographed the whole thing.  The style is a little different than what I’m used to, but I loved it.  It was something marvelous and full of emotion.  I mean, look at this image!

family seeing military soldier for the first time in months

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