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Darling Engagement Session in St Augustine | Kiana & Hannah

Anyone and everyone that’s lived in Florida since elementary school knows the charm and wonder that surrounds St. Augustine.  We all remember the 4th grade trip where we drove for hours just to see the fort and learn about the Spanish history and how it became part of Florida and the US.  Kiana and Hannah met in PA, but both decided to have an internship here in Florida.  It seemed like a natural spot for their darling engagement session.

A Perfect Day for their Darling Engagement Session

Marta and I sincerely loved their Together Session.  When we were talking to them about where to have their engagement session, St. Augustine was an almost immediate response.  I’m not sure we could’ve asked for a better day.  As we walked around St. Augustine, Kiana and Hannah took us to all of their favorite spots.  We would go to places that they would spend time together talking about everything. 

We loved hearing about everything that they had to say.  Kiana and Hannah had little stories about their favorite spots and what they loved about each location.  It felt to us like St. Augustine was where their relationship seriously blossomed into what it is today.

An Awesome End to a Together Session

As we finished up their darling engagement session, we went to the beach to get some awesome shots.  At that point of the day, it started getting a little dark.  When we parked and started walking to the beach, we noticed a few rocks on the shore.  They were adventurous enough to go right on and hang out for a few engagement portraits.  Needless to say, there were definitely some awesome portraits that came from that.  After we all got soaked we headed back to our cars.

We headed our separate ways.  Marta and I were a little hungry, so we decided to head to Pizza Time to have some awesome food.  Then we started heading back to Orlando.  Along the way, we couldn’t help but think and talk about Kiana and Hannah’s wedding at the Orlando Science Center.  There’s going to be so much love and joy.  Can’t wait for their big day.  For now, check out their darling engagement session across St Augustine! 

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