Destination Weddings & Elopements

We both love to travel! Destination Weddings and Elopements are some of the most intimate weddings we've ever experienced.  Some couples want to avoid a large guest count or have something that is unique to them.  For a lot of people, destination weddings and elopements are the way to go.

Imagine traveling to a remote location or a historic villa and tying the knot with your significant other on the other side of the United States, in the Carribean, or in Europe!  They say that the average wedding in the United States cost around $35,000.  There are a bunch of questions that come with traveling to Destination Weddings, Elopements, and destination engagement session locations.

Destination Weddings and Elopements FAQ

1. Are there any travel fees?

Couples are expected to cover our airfare, baggage fees, hotel accommodations, car rental, and a per diem of $45/day per photographer.  We usually stay for a couple of nights.  The night before the wedding, the night of the wedding, and possibly the night afterward.  The car rental all depends on how far the wedding is from the hotel.

2. What's the plan for our destination wedding photography?

When we photograph Destination Weddings and Elopements, we have a little bit more flexibility when it comes to the photography.  We can leave the venue or location and take portraits elsewhere to really capture the essence of the destination.  The sun sets at different times in different locations.  During the summer the sun sets around 9:00 PM in Florida.  In Paris, France, the sun usually sets around 10:30 PM.  It all depends on where we're at.

3. What about our Together Session?

Yes, there's the day of the wedding, but sometimes engaged couples like to use our Together Session as a Day After Session to get epic wedding portraits on another day without the pressure of the actual wedding day.  Most couples that do this opt in for the following Monday.  There's usually less foot traffic where ever we decide to have the session.  Keep in mind, that some locations may require a permit in order to take photographs there.

4. How many people are going to fly out?

It really depends on the amount of coverage that you two would like.  For the most part, it's almost always both of us, but no more than 3 people are needed to capture the entire wedding day.  We like to scout out locations for the wedding day and possibly the Together Session.  Normally, we like to check out the venue the day before to see how the light will look on the wedding day and to see photography opportunities around the location.

5. Do we book the flights and hotel accommodations?

Marta and I usually do a bit of research and find the cheapest flight with a reputable airline.  Once we find the tickets, we will send a separate invoice for the exact amount.  The tickets will be purchased once the invoice is paid.  Some of our engaged couples like to use their points/miles on the tickets for us, and that's perfectly okay.  We just ask that you let us know all the flight information beforehand for approval. For the departing flight, we prefer to leave the following day in the late afternoon.

6. Is it easier to hire a local photographer at my destination wedding location?

Yes and No.  Past couples have decided against hiring a foreign photographer for many reasons.  Coordination between you and the photographer can be much more difficult.  It's a lot easier to deal with a photographer that you know and is local to wherever you live.   If you have any questions about your wedding photographs or products, then we're just a phone call or text away.

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Destination Weddings and Elopements Planning Tips

When you and your fiance decide to have a destination wedding or elopement, there might be a few questions that pop up.  We want to give the best information possible based on our experience and the experiences that our couples have shared with us.  Here are a few things that we've learned from past destination weddings.

1. Hire a Planner

We know that this is a hot topic.  Should you hire a foreign planner or a local one?  There are pros and cons to both, but we recommend having a wedding planner regardless.  Having a destination wedding or elopement doesn't need to be stressful.  Have someone else handle that for you.

2. All Inclusive Pricing

A lot of venues or hotels have all inclusive packages and pricing outside of the United States.  You can usually save money when heading to parts of Europe with this option.

3. Research Airfare

Skyscanner and Hopper are probably our favorites when looking for affordable airfare when traveling anywhere.  Both have mobile apps and have an array of features to let you know when the cheapest flight tickets are live.  We've saved thousands whenever traveling to Europe with these apps.

4. Avoid Tourist Season

Try to avoid tourist season to ensure that we have the most opportunities possible while we're there for your destination wedding.  There's a bunch of places that we can go to that are usually pretty popular during peak season that will see less traffic if we go during the right time of the year.  The best time for Paris or Venice is usually February.  The air is still crisp, but there's a noticeable lack of tourists.

5. Make time for Portraits

A lot of destination weddings and elopements are a "now or never" mentality.  This will be the only time that all of us will get together for your wedding.  Let's travel to a location far away from the venue.  A place that is full of wonder and awe.  Sometimes it's thirty minutes away or more.  Let's take some epic wedding pictures!

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