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Sunrise Engagement Session in Downtown Winter Garden | Quin & Ricky

Marta and I have known Quin & Ricky for years.  We’ve always had that same sarcastic approach to humor and life overall.  We had been talking about photographing their wedding for what felt like years.  Finally, the date was set, so all we had to do was sit down, have a quick consult, and move from there.  Planning their Together Session was a little rough though.  We had to reschedule a few times since weather wasn’t cooperating with us.  In the end, we decided to have a Sunrise Engagement Session in Downtown Winter Garden.

Planning their Sunrise Engagement Session

When we started talking about their engagement session and what they had in mind, we began with exactly where to have the engagement session.  After a couple of text conversations, Quin and Ricky decided that we should head to Downtown Winter Garden and meet up at Axum Coffee.  More importantly, we decided that early morning would be best for the session.  Anyone that lives in central Florida knows that daily afternoon showers are pretty common during the summer, but they put a damper on a Together Session.

The day of their sunrise engagement session came and we couldn’t have asked for a better climate.  The weather was cool, a little humid, but it was just what we needed.  We met up, had some coffee really quickly, and started shooting.  Ricky showed up in a modern tux and Quin showed up in shorts and a t-shirt.  Five minutes later she changed to an elegant cocktail dress and we started the session almost immediately afterward.  We wanted to take advantage of the cool weather as quickly as possible.

Oakland Nature Preserve Engagement Photos

Originally, Quin and Ricky had the idea to go to Withlacoochee State Forest in Brooksville, FL.  It’s actually really close to where we photographed Gabi and Justin’s engagement session and wedding day.  Whelp, the weather didn’t help with those plans, which is why the sunrise engagement session in Winter Garden was the next choice.  So after a quick walk around Downtown Winter Garden, Quin and Ricky wanted to stop by Oakland Nature Preserve to keep some of their initial idea of their Together Session intact.

When we got there, it was humid, quiet, and only a couple of other cars were nearby.  Quin changed into her second outfit while Ricky and I talked about what they had in mind for their wedding day.  A quick stop by the cabin to take some colorful and warm photos of these two lovebirds.  We walked the long dock to head to the end and take portraits of them in a natural setting.  We headed to the end of the pathway, took some photos and started to head back.  It was starting to get a little too humid, and comfort is key for our photos to be the way they are.  Check out their sunrise engagement session photos below.

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